Do I need to appear in court?

Defendants are given a period of 10 business days to make an initial appearance in person, by mail or online. Online Payment Site

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1. How much is my ticket?
2. Where do I pay traffic tickets?
3. Do I need to appear in court?
4. What payment options are available?
5. Is there a dress code for court?
6. What am I allowed to bring with me in the court room?
7. What is the phone number to Tarrant County Sheriff's Office?
8. If summoned to serve as a Mansfield juror, do I have to attend?
9. What are my options if I have a CDL (Commercial Driver's License)?
10. How can I keep a citation from being reported on my driving record?
11. Can certain violations be dismissed?
12. I cannot pay the fine in full; is it possible to get a payment plan?