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Posted on: September 16, 2021

City Council approves fiscal year 2021-22 budget, property tax rate

FY2021-22 budget highlights

MANSFIELD, Texas — The Mansfield City Council on Monday, Sept. 13, unanimously approved the City of Mansfield’s operating budget and property tax rate for fiscal year 2021-22. Council’s approval ensures the city’s property tax rate will remain at $0.69 and cements the addition of more than a dozen new city positions, two new city departments, nearly $2 million in capital equipment and more. 

The fiscal year 2021-22 budget, which is balanced, will take effect Oct. 1, 2021, and remain in effect through Sept. 30, 2022. 

“I am tremendously proud of the City of Mansfield’s fiscal year 2021-22 budget because it tackles issues Mansfield residents raised in the community survey we conducted last year,” City Manager Joe Smolinski said. “We are grateful for our residents’ input on how we can build a better Mansfield, and we are committed to using public feedback in our efforts to make Mansfield a world-class hometown. This new budget is a reflection of that commitment.”

The fiscal year 2021-22 budget calls for the addition of 17 new full-time positions and three new part-time positions at the City of Mansfield. Among the full-time positions that will be added are an Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation, a public records specialist, an engineering inspector, two water treatment plant operators and a museum education/engagement clerk. Two part-time positions for events and cultural arts, as well as a part-time nature education specialist position, will also be added. 

The City of Mansfield will also add two new departments: a rental inspection department and a health inspection department. Both departments will be revenue-neutral and will begin with two inspectors each. With the addition of these two departments, these services will soon run through the City of Mansfield. The Tarrant County Public Health Department currently conducts health inspections in Mansfield. 

Additionally, the fiscal year 2021-22 budget increases the Street Operations budget, calls for updates to the city’s Emergency Operations Center and calls for increased funding for Historic Downtown Mansfield and the Man House Museum. 

“The City of Mansfield’s fiscal year 2021-22 budget makes clear that our city is financially sound, even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create challenges for local governments across the country,” Chief Financial Officer Troy Lestina said. “We are excited about Mansfield’s future and we will continue to provide Mansfield residents with noteworthy essential services and remarkable experiences for not just the next fiscal year, but for fiscal years to come.” 

To view the fiscal year 2021-22 operating budget, click here


City of Mansfield Vision Statement and Guiding Principles

The City of Mansfield strives to be a vibrant city for people and businesses that value world-class experiences, culture, quality and a second-to-none level of community service in a hometown environment. To achieve this, the City of Mansfield follows five guiding principles known as True NORTH. NORTH is an acronym that stands for the following: 

  • Noteworthy Essentials – The City of Mansfield will continue to deliver high-quality essential services to its residents, businesses and visitors.
  • Organizational Excellence — The City of Mansfield will foster a healthy environment for its own employees to maximize productivity, boost morale, attract high-quality candidates and establish itself as a destination employer. 
  • Remarkable Experiences — The City of Mansfield will find creative and innovative ways to provide its residents, businesses and visitors with world-class amenities and experiences – above and beyond essential functions and services.
  • Together As One — The City of Mansfield will remain a close-knit community as growth continues. The City of Mansfield will provide world-class social infrastructure and opportunities for all of its residents to connect and enjoy remarkable experiences together. 
  • Healthy Economy — The City of Mansfield will support and strengthen its economy in all strategic decision-making, and will leverage its assets to preserve its economic vitality.

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