Volunteer Programs

Volunteers in Police Services

Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)

Graduates of the Mansfield Citizen Police Academy have the opportunity to sign up with the Volunteers in Police Service Program (VIPS). The VIPS program allows volunteers to work closely with the Mansfield Police and experience the inner workings of the department while serving the community.

Areas Where VIPS Volunteer

  • Animal Control
  • Auto Theft Task Force
  • Community Resources
  • Criminal Investigation Division
  • Dispatch
  • Patrol
  • Special Events

Citizens on Patrol (COP)

CitMansfield Citizens Patrolizen on Patrol volunteers conduct regularly-scheduled patrols within the city to watch out for suspicious activities and crimes in progress, aid stranded motorists and generally provide an increased level of comfort for those who see patrol on the streets.

COP volunteers wear distinctive uniforms and drive designated patrol vehicles. COP volunteers conduct routine checks of businesses before, during and after hours to ensure all is well. They report any suspicious activity, focus on areas where there has been an increase in crime and participate in many special events within the community.