Current Park Project Updates

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This is your city, and these are your parks. Public feedback and involvement in all development, renovation and expansion of our parks and recreation system is incredibly crucial to every decision made. 

We appreciate Mansfield residents' appreciation for and dedication to our parks, and most of all for your continued participation in the process as we work to grow and improve. Each project is based off needs and desires established in the 2020 Master Plan after nearly two years of feedback with multiple groups of stakeholders as well as data from industry standards and experts. Once underway, all projects also includes opportunities for public feedback in varying degrees and levels of involvement depending on the scope of the work and other factors. 

Details on current park projects are available in the pages below, with additional information added as it is available. Upcoming public meetings, surveys and other opportunities for feedback will be posted on these pages as well as on our social media accounts. We also welcome questions, thoughts and ideas at any time via email to or with the contact form below. Use the form to send staff a message and/or to sign up for email alerts for news about any of the projects listed.