My Mansfield Parks: 2020 Master Plan

The future of Mansfield Parks and Recreation begins today, with the 2020 Master Plan, adopted in October 2020 by Mansfield Park Facilities Development Corporation and Mansfield City Council. A Master Plan serves as a vision board and guide book for future plans. It tells the board, staff and citizens where we are and where we would like to be. It is a living document that will be referenced frequently to ensure new projects align with our goals and that progress is being made in the right direction. As our city grows and changes, so too do our residents’ needs and desires. We are charged with not only serving the citizens of today, but anticipating the needs of tomorrow. Through extensive community feedback collection, honest self-evaluation, analysis of industry trends and growth projections, and detailed assessment of economic and demographic projections, the Master Plan Advisory Committee combined all the data to create a road map for the next decade.

Communication and transparency are key to building public trust. Community engagement was essential to developing the plan and should be equally included as the projects are implemented. This master plan includes plans for continued communication and engagement, as well as accountability checkpoints to keep city leaders and the public aware of, and involved in, all phases of the implementation project to hold us accountable for all actions and commitments.

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Please keep in mind, a master plan is not a final decree or guarantee. All projects mapped out in the plan still need extensive planning, approval by MPFDC and City Council, and, most importantly, funding. The Master Plan identifies clear goals and needs but does not promise a deadline.