Lawn Watering Guide

Sprinkler System SprayingMore than half of the water used by Mansfield households goes into lawns. Most people either water too much or too often. Learn how to save time, water and money with these tips:

  • Determine the precipitation rate of each zone in your irrigation system. Precipitation rate is the rate at which water is applied to the soil, usually measured in inches per hour.
  • Determine the infiltration rate of the soil in each zone. The infiltration rate is the rate at which water enters the soil, again, usually measured in inches per hour. Applying water to the soil faster than it can be taken in will result in runoff, which not only wastes water but can also pollute surface water flowing into lakes and streams.
  • Determine the water requirements of your lawn and plants. A licensed irrigator or certified landscape irrigation auditor/manager should be able to assist you.
  • Knowing how much water your system applies, the rate at which the soil can accept water, and the amount of water your turf and plants require can help you to make educated decisions about your outdoor watering.
  1. When to Water
  2. Precipitation Rate
  3. Infiltration Rate
  4. Irrigation Evaluation
  5. Lawn Irrigation Handbook

When Can I Water?

Sign up to receive weekly watering advice provided by the Tarrant Regional Water District. Watering advice is based on your sprinkler type, and recent precipitation levels in your area.

City Ordinance

The City of Mansfield’s Water Conservation Plan prohibits outdoor watering with an irrigation system between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., year-round.

According to the Texas A&M University School of Irrigation, the optimum time to water is between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.