Criminal Records Requests

Obtaining Your Criminal History

Effective September 1, 1997, Govt. Code 411.088 allows citizens to obtain conviction and/or felony-deferred adjudication records of an offender directly from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) - not from the local agency. Citizens my also use the Internet to access this public information electronically. Information is updated every two weeks. For further information concerning non-criminal justice access contact the Non-Criminal Justice Unit of DPS at 512-424-2474.


Any individual is entitled to their own criminal history record. They can be fingerprinted in Austin at the Department of Public Safety-Crime Records Service to establish identification and pay the current fee. If a record is located, it will be provided to the individual.

The individual can also be fingerprinted at a local law enforcement agency and the fingerprint card, a written request and the current fee may be mailed to:

Department of Public Safety Austin
Crime Records Service
P.O. Box 4143
Austin, TX 78765-4143