Mulch Madness & Tree Limb Collection

Mulch Madness

Citizens Shoveling Mulch into ContainersMulch Madness is a free mulch giveaway program for residents. Check the calendar for upcoming Mulch Madness dates and times.

During the event, staff will be on-site to assist, however, this is a self-load event. There will be no large equipment on site to help with loading. You can bring your own truck, trailer, or container. Staff will have a few shovels on site, but it would be helpful to bring your own to expedite the process.

The mulch that is provided is made from the plant material the City collects during Chunk Your Junk and Shred Day, and the Christmas Tree Drop-Off events.

Benefits Mulching

Mulching is very important for healthy landscape plants! Did you know:

  • Maintaining a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch reduces the growth of weeds.
  • It keeps your soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • It prevents loss of water from the soil by evaporation.
  • As mulch decays, it adds nutrients to the soil and eventually becomes topsoil.

Tree Limb / Brush Drop-Off

Tree limbs and brush will only be accepted at the mulch site during Chunk Your Junk and Shred Day events. Please check the calendar for upcoming Chunk Your Junk and Shred Day events.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas trees are collected after the Christmas holidays during dedicated collection events. Check the calendar for upcoming dates and times.

Remove all ornaments, lights tinsel, tree stand, and plastic. Trees will be mulched up for Mulch Madness.