History of the Department

The Mansfield Police Department was formally organized in 1954 when the City authorized a single patrol officer to provide safety and security to the town of around 1,000 people. The City's police force has grown to more than 100 sworn officers as the city has grown exponentially through the years to an nearly 75,000 people. Our hope as an organization is that we continue to provide outstanding service and protection to our citizens in a manner that exemplifies personal service regardless of community size.

In 2016 our agency was awarded recognized status with the Texas Police Chief's Association for completion of their accreditation process. This process allowed us to model that we are in line with the best practices in Texas law enforcement through compliance with 166 standards set by the Association. The ongoing success in the accreditation program should give our citizens further confirmation that we are committed to providing the most cutting-edge and professional police service to our citizens.

Department patches

These four patches represent every patch ever worn by the Mansfield Police Department.