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Library Card

How do I get a physical library card?

Residents of Mansfield, Arlington or Kenndale may apply for a library card at any of the consortium libraries. Non-residents may apply for a library card at Mansfield Public Library for free. Valid forms of ID and proof of address are required for all renewals and new library cards at each location.

Proof of Address

  • Current address on the picture ID
  • Separate form of ID if address on the picture ID is not current or there is not one (water bill, insurance card, electric bill, insurance ID card or other recently received mail). 
  • Mail must be addressed to the library card applicant.

Library E-Card Application

Get immediate 24/7 access to online resources with your free eCard.

Who can get a library card?

Anyone age 17 or older may apply to get a library card for free at Mansfield Public Library. Minors under age 17 may get a library card with a parent or guardian who is at least 17 years old, has a valid form of ID, owes no fees or charges and agrees to be responsible for the minor's library card account. Minors must be present to be issued a library card. 

How often do I have to renew a library card?

Library cards are valid for two years and must be renewed in person with a valid picture ID showing name and proof of address. 

What if I lost my card?

Due to security reasons, we will need to issue you a new library card. Valid identification is required in order to issue a new library card. The replacement cost of a lost library card is $2.00. 

Interlocal Agreement

Mansfield Public Library, Arlington Public Library and Kennedale Public Library entered into an agreement to share resources in the Mansfield, Arlington and Kennedale communities. Residents of Mansfield have full access to the collections and services of the three libraries.