Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) 115.11 Section 115.22

The Mansfield Police Department has zero tolerance for all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment within its jail facilities in compliance with the PREA Act of 2003. It is the policy of the Police Department to respond to and administratively and/or criminally investigate all alleged incidents of a sexual nature. Every reported incident of a sexual nature will be taken seriously, investigated fully and appropriate action will be taken as warranted according to federal PREA standards.

Reporting Sexual Abuse & Sexual Harassment (PREA 115.54)

Inmates may report incidents by:

  • Calling the PREA Hotline (toll free) at the phone number listed by all inmate phones in the jail
  • Telling any officer, staff member, volunteer or contractor. Everyone who may come into contact with inmates has been trained to respond appropriately
  • Writing to any staff member using the Inmate Request for Service Form or Inmate Grievance Form

Anyone outside the jail (family, friends, acquaintances) may report on behalf of any inmate by:

  • Filling out a PREA Online Reporting Form
  • Filling out a PREA Reporting Form at Visitation (Ask any staff member for a form)
  1. Kerry Robinson

    Jail Captain/PREA Coordinator
    Phone: 817-804-5733

Prison Rape Elimination Act Audit Reports

Reporting Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment Online Form

(This form should only be used to report sexual abuse or sexual harassment that occurred within the Mansfield Jail.)