Permit Applications

General Requirements All Permits

Mansfield Fire will no longer accept hard copy plans, submittal packages or permit applications and we will not return hard copy stamped plans. Please submit all applications for permits online. You may submit PDF drawings for review. Once the plans have been reviewed and approved and the permit fee is paid in full, we will return the signed permit electronically and it will serve as the approval for construction. 

Please email all permit applications, submittals, and plans to:

Standard Review Comments:

  • Underground SLC Circuits are not permitted between buildings.
  • Projects with multiple buildings shall have an independent, monitored fire alarm panel in each building, located in the fire riser room.
  • Mesh network radios are not permitted. Communication with the central monitoring station shall utilize a cellular communicator with an exterior antenna.
  • A 24-volt water flow alarm bell shall be installed on sprinkler monitoring systems. Bell shall be powered by the fire alarm panel and controlled ONLY by the water flow switch(es).

Projects that require a third-party review by a Fire Protection Engineer licensed in the state of Texas, are:  

  1.  New installation of a fire protection system 
  2.  Modification of more than 5 devices in a fire protection  system 
  3.  Any system so designated by the Fire Marshal 

Submit the third-party review with the permit application. 

Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles

319.1 General

Mobile food preparation vehicles that are equipped with appliances that produce smoke or grease-laden vapors shall comply with this section.

319.2 Permit Required

Permits shall be required as set forth in Section 105.5.

You may contact Scott Lingo with questions about your project, Email Scott Lingo or 817-276-4770.