Code Compliance

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Code Compliance Truck

Who We Are

The Code Compliance Department enforces all city ordinances to protect property owners’ investments and promote the health and welfare of the community. Code Compliance officers are committed to providing compliance through a professional, efficient and due process approach for residents of Mansfield.

Our Process

The Code Compliance Department follows a specific process:

  1. A complaint is submitted by a resident or code staff then assigned to a code compliance officer.
  2. A code officer makes an initial inspection within 72 hours.
  3. Code officers determine whether the property is in violation.
  4. If violations exist, the property owner is given notification to comply.
  5. The code officer will conduct a follow-up inspection.
  6. If compliance is not met, the code officer determines appropriate enforcement action from three options:
    1. Obtain a warrant for involuntary abatement
    2. Issue a written citation
    3. Coordinate volunteer resources to meet compliance
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