About Us

Mansfield Public Library serves around 139,000 visitors each year, including visitors from portions of Grand Prairie, Arlington, Venus, Burleson and more.

5-year Strategic Plan:

 Check out MPL's adopted 5-year strategic plan.

Vision Statement:

The Mansfield Public Library will be an integral and ever-expanding community centered network of information, culture and creativity.

Mission Statement:

“The Mansfield Public Library provides free and equal access to a broad range of information resources, creating opportunities for education, recreation and the pursuit of lifelong learning.”

Values Statement:

Intellectual freedom, the freedom to read, hear, view, think and be heard, as embodied by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the statements on those freedoms adopted by the American Library Association and the Texas Library Association.

Dedication to excellence of service, fairness in the delivery of that service, and equal access to it by all members of the community.

Enrichment of lives by stimulating curiosity, wonder, and thought, and by providing opportunities for lifelong learning.


The Mansfield Public Library was established in 1929 as a branch of the Tarrant County Free Library System.   With the closing of the system in 1962, the library became a department of the City of Mansfield.  It has been in several locations around the city’s historic downtown since, and moved to its current location at 104 South Wisteria in the summer of 2001.  The library celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2004.   

Inter-local Agreement:

Mansfield Public Library, Arlington Public Library and Kennedale Public Library entered into an agreement to share resources in the Mansfield, Arlington and Kennedale communities.   Residents of Mansfield have full access to the collections and services of the three libraries.