Department Mission & Vision


To inspire Mansfield to gather, grow, preserve and play through welcoming spaces and remarkable experiences


To create community by exceeding expectations in design, maintenance, operations and programming with a commitment to lead as a team with uncompromising integrity.


  • Increase Access to Parks and Programs: Ensure all residents have access to quality parks and programs regardless of location, ability, age, interests or socioeconomic barriers
  •  Develop, Maintain and Innovate: Set a standard for excellence by constantly improving the quality, variety, safety, and recreation options, and seeking new additions and updates
  •  Improve Health and Wellness: Provide safe and engaging spaces and opportunities for residents to connect, build relationships, improve health and make memories
  •  Preserve Natural Spaces: Protect ecologically sensitive areas through land preservation and environmentally aware construction and maintenance practices
  •  Cultivate Community Pride: Provide parks, programs and events that foster pride, generate positive attention and encourage tourism and economic growth

 These statements were developed based on the priorities identified by our staff and feedback from residents. We look forward to bringing them to life every day, creating welcoming spaces and remarkable experiences for residents to Gather, Grow, Preserve and Play every day.