Parkland Dedication Ordinance

bell park (5)One of Mansfield Parks & Recreation's primary goals is to improve access to parks, programs and recreation opportunities to all residents, while also preserving natural spaces. With that in mind, The Park Land Dedication and Development Fee ordinance was adopted in 2003 to provide adequate recreational areas and amenities in the form of neighborhood parks.

The City of Mansfield's ordinance assesses fees on new developments to cover the cost of parks to serve those homes. Fees can fund new park construction or improvements to existing parks, but the funds must remain in the quadrant where the development is located to ensure the benefits reach those new residents.

In developing the ordinance, staff and an advisory committee evaluated the impact on the park and recreation system created by each new development and established a dedication and/or cost requirement based upon individual dwelling units. The plan constitutes an individualized fact based determination of the impact of new living units on the park and recreation system and establishes a system designed to ensure that new living units bear their proportional share of the cost of providing park and recreation related services.

Parkland dedication is an incredible opportunity to grow the department inventory without the added cost and workload of handling construction internally.

Developers interested in learning more about the ordinance or how it applies to their individual project can contact Parks Planning Manager James Fish at (817) 728-3394 or

Click here to download a copy of the current Parkland Dedication Ordinance, adopted by Mansfield Park Facilities Development Corporation and City Council in November 2021.