Health Permit Fees

How do I pay a permit fee?

  • You may mail a check to: C/O Regulatory Compliance, 620 S. Wisteria St. Mansfield, Texas 76063
  • Make all checks payable to: City of Mansfield C/O Health Inspections Program
Health and Food Safety Fees
Food Service Establishment Permit$550.00
Food Service Establishment Plan Review$200.00
Food Service Re-inspection Fee$150.00
Food Service Emergency Inspection Fee$250.00
Food Manager Registration$35.00
Food Handler Registration$20.00
Mobile Food Establishment Permit (Hot Truck, Cold Truck, Ice Cream Truck)$400.00
Mobile Food Establishment Special Event Permit$60.00
Swimming Pool & Spa$350.00
Additional Swimming Pool & Spa$200.00
Certified Pool Operator Registration$15.00
Daycare Food Service Permit$350.00