Health Inspections

Who We Are

The Health Inspections program protects the health of all Mansfield residents and visitors through permitting and inspecting food establishments, childcare facilities, and public pools and spas, ensuring that they are operating in a safe and sanitary manner.


To prevent food and waterborne illnesses and ensure compliance with all applicable state, local, and federal regulations through active inspection, surveillance, enforcement and monitoring.

  • Review and approve plans for new food, childcare, and pool establishments
  • Issue permits for food, childcare, and pool establishments
  • Inspect establishments for compliance
  • Investigate reports of potential health code violations
  • Obtain voluntary closures of facilities until they can operate safely
  • Provide educational and informational classes for individuals working in food, childcare, and pool establishments
  • Educate the public in safe food handling classes

  1. Rebecca

    Rebecca St. John

    Senior Consumer Health Inspector

  2. Hannah Hess

    Hannah Hess

    Consumer Health Inspector

  1. Laws and Regulations
  2. Food Safety Education Material

Food Establishment Inspection Scores

Inspection scores are based on a 100-point system subtracting demerits for both critical and non-critical violations. Critical violations, those that require immediate corrective action due to food contamination, illness and/or injury, are assigned a higher weighted point value than non-critical violations.

Use the following link to view Mansfield establishments' Health Inspection Scores

Inspection Score Chart