Health Inspections

General Information

The Tarrant County Public Health's Environmental Health Division has historically performed all health and sanitation permitting and inspections for the City of Mansfield. As the city experienced growth and expansion, it became important to implement the Health Inspections program and transfer health and sanitation inspections to the City of Mansfield as the regulatory authority. The Health Inspections program is put in place to protect the health of all Mansfield residents and visitors through permitting food, childcare, and pool/spa facilities serving the public, ensuring that they meet minimum State standards for safe operation, quality upkeep, proper sanitation, and minimizing risk of spreading  food-borne and other illness. 

Starting January 1, 2022, the City of Mansfield Regulatory Compliance Department will perform routine inspections, education, and monitoring of all food facilities including restaurants, daycare centers, schools, grocers, mobile food vendors and temporary food facilities.

Report a Complaint

Health violation complaints can be reported online.

Laws and Regulations

City of Mansfield has adopted the following regulations:


Who do I report health violations to?

How do I get a health permit for my food business?

  • You will be receiving a notification letter by mail at the beginning of December 2021 informing your establishment of the transition to the City of Mansfield as the new regulatory authority. In 2022, your establishment will receive an invoice 30 days prior to the expiration of your most recent health permit. Upon completion of a satisfactory inspection and payment of your health permit fees you will be issued a new permit. If you have not previously received a permit, contact Regulatory Compliance by phone at (817) 276-4221 in order to schedule an inspection.

How can I apply for a plan review, health permit, mobile food, or temporary event?

  • Please download and complete the appropriate application and submit your form to Regulatory Compliance at 620 S. Wisteria St. Mansfield, TX 76063 or email the completed form to the department at Your application cannot be processed until payment has been submitted. Payment may be made by check or money order to the City of Mansfield, C/O Regulatory Compliance at the address listed above. We are unable to accept online payments at this time.

Food Establishment Applications

Pool/Spa Facility Applications

Child-Care Center Applications

How do I look up a food establishment inspection score?

  • As inspections are completed by the Regulatory Compliance Department in 2022, a report of all food establishment inspection scores will be made available. Inspection scores are based on a 100-point system subtracting demerits for both critical and non-critical violations. Critical violations, those that require immediate corrective action due to food contamination, illness and/or injury, are assigned a higher weighted point value than non-critical violations.
Inspection Score Chart
69 or belowDFailing