Code Compliance

DSCN9930Who We Are

The Code Compliance Program enforces all city ordinances to protect property owners’ investments and promote the health and welfare of the community. Code Compliance officers obtain compliance with nuisance, building, zoning, land development, environmental, and other codes and ordinances through effective, expeditious, and equitable enforcement of the codes.

Our Process

The Code Compliance Department follows a specific process:

  1. A complaint is submitted by a resident or code staff then assigned to a code compliance officer.
  2. A code officer makes an initial inspection within 72 hours.
  3. Code officers determine whether the property is in violation.
  4. If violations exist, the property owner is given notification to comply.
  5. The code officer will conduct a follow-up inspection.
  6. If compliance is not met, the code officer determines appropriate enforcement action from three options:
    1. Obtain a warrant for involuntary abatement
    2. Issue a written citation
    3. Coordinate volunteer resources to meet compliance
donation box example

*NEW* Adoption of Chapter 116 regarding Donation Boxes

On May 9, 2022, the City Council approved changes to the Chapter 155 "Zoning" regulations to add definition to the Mansfield Code of Ordinances, creating a provision for the placement of Donation Boxes within the city limits.

In conjunction with this amendment, the City Council also approved the addition of the new Chapter 116, establishing a Donation Box Permit. This chapter outlines the process for applying and receiving a permit, establishment of maintenance regulations, and provision for program administration. Donation box permits will cost box owners $100 per permit, and permits will be valid for a period of one year. You may apply for a permit to place a donation box with the Department of Regulatory Compliance. For more information, call us at 817-276-4221 or email

Click the links below to read the new standards and regulations regarding donation boxes: