Frequently Asked Questions

Mansfield 2022 Bond Election

Below are answers to questions the City of Mansfield expects to receive about its upcoming bond election. If you have a question that is not answered below, email us at and we will respond as soon as possible. This email address is monitored by city staff. 

Financial Questions & Answers 

How are the City of Mansfield’s basic services (police, fire, water, sewer, streets) funded and is adequate funding going toward these services? 

Police, fire, and street services are funded by the General Fund. Water and sewer services are funded by the Utility Fund. 

What is the City of Mansfield’s current tax rate? 

The City of Mansfield’s current tax rate is $0.69 per $100 of assessed property valuation. However, Mansfield property owners also pay taxes to Mansfield Independent School District, Tarrant County, Tarrant County College, and the Tarrant County Hospital District. 

In total, Mansfield property owners pay a total of $2.72 per $100 of assessed property valuation. That means the owner of a property assessed at $400,000 pays $10,880 per year in taxes. The owner of a property assessed at $200,000 pays $5,440 per year in taxes. 

Does the City of Mansfield have a good bond rating? 

In the summer of 2021, Standard & Poors affirmed the AAA long-term rating for the city’s series 2021 combination tax and revenue certificates of obligation (CO). Fitch Ratings also affirmed the city’s AA+ bond rating for the $9.5 million in CO bonds the city issued this year. Additionally, Moody’s Investor Services upgraded the City of Mansfield’s general obligation (series 2021) to Aa1 and sales-tax bonds from Aa3 to Aa2 for both the Mansfield Economic Development Corporation and Mansfield Park Facilities Development Corporation.

Would the issuance of new bonds affect the City of Mansfield’s bond rating? 

The issuance of new bonds should not negatively affect the city's bond rating. The increase in the Interest & Sinking (I&S) tax rate of the ad valorem tax will be voter-approved. That, coupled with the anticipated increase in the city's tax base and the fact that debt is retired on an annual basis, should provide credit-rating agencies adequate comfort in the city's overall financial stability.

What recent City of Mansfield projects have been financed by bonds? 

The city recently sold $9.5 million in certificates of obligation (CO) bonds to design, purchase, construct, improve, and expand public safety and community services facilities, infrastructure and equipment. The city has also funded most street projects using annual CO bonds since the expiration of the 2004 Bond Program.

What is the City of Mansfield’s current ad valorem-supported debt? 

The City of Mansfield has $151,135,000 in outstanding general fund debt. 

Capital Project Questions & Answers 

What propositions is the Mansfield City Council asking the public to consider? 

The Mansfield City Council is asking the public to consider five propositions: 

  • A veterans memorial;
  • A joint recreation center and library; 
  • An approximately 138-acre park in southwest Mansfield paired with renovations to Michael L. Skinner Sports Complex;
  • An expansion of Mansfield's trail network; and
  • A Miracle League field.

Visit to learn more about the propositions.

Why are there no proposed roadway or infrastructure projects on this bond election? 

The City of Mansfield is allocating an estimated $125 million over the next 10 years to address street needs. The City Council also approved a 50% ($1 million) increase to our Streets Department’s maintenance budget as part of our fiscal year 2021-2022 operating budget, furthering our ability to maintain our roads. Additionally, Tarrant County voters in 2021 approved a $400 million transportation bond, which provided nearly $10 million in relief for Mansfield taxpayers. The county could also dedicate additional funding to Mansfield street maintenance.

The City of Mansfield is also in the middle of several street-improvement projects. Holland Road from Stonebriar Trail to Garden Path Lane is currently being improved to a four-lane undivided roadway. The two westbound lanes of Heritage Parkway from Commerce Drive to South Main Street are being reconstructed due to poor pavement condition. The Texas Department of Transportation is also constructing northbound and southbound frontage roads for US 287 between the Union Pacific Railroad and Lone Star Road. View all ongoing major street projects in the City of Mansfield here.

What capital improvement projects is the City of Mansfield working on right now? 

The City of Mansfield is working on a number of capital improvement projects, all through different sources of funding. Those projects and their funding sources are below:

2021 General Fund Capital Improvement Program ($9.5 million): 

  • A training tower for the police and fire departments 
  • A driving track for the police and fire departments 
  • A new headquarters for the police department
  • An information center for the Man House Museum
  • An expansion of the Mansfield Public Library building
  • A signature playground at Katherine Rose Memorial Park 
  • A new park in the northwest quadrant of Mansfield, off of Gertie Barrett Road 

2021 Street Bond Fund Capital Improvement Program ($1.282 million):

  • Construction of Pond Street from Broad Street to Lake Street (47th Year Community Development Block Grant)
  • New traffic signal on FM 157 at Watson Branch Development 
  • Reconstruction of Concord Drive from Country Club Drive to Stratford Drive
  • Median improvements to Turner Warnell Road from FM 157 to Callendar Road 
  • Asphalt reconstruction of Mitchell Road from south of Heritage Parkway to Mathis Road  

2021 Mansfield Park Facilities Development Corporation Capital Improvement Program ($6.19 million): 

2021 Utility Fund Capital Improvement Program ($5.27 million):

  • A cybersecurity update to the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software used to run the city’s water treatment sites
  • The relocation of water lines along Highway 287 from the railroad track to the southernmost part of the highway within the corporate limits of Mansfield (these lines must be relocated due to the ongoing construction of access roads along the highway) 
  • Ongoing land acquisition for a future water treatment plant
  • A pilot study related to membrane filtration and additional efforts related to the study

2022 Bond Election Steering Committee Questions & Answers

What is the 2022 Bond Election Steering Committee? 

The 2022 Bond Election Steering Committee is a group of Mansfield residents that was tasked with deciding which and how many of the capital projects to recommend to the City Council for consideration. 

What was the purpose of the 2022 Bond Election Steering Committee? 

The 2022 Bond Election Steering Committee prioritized the city’s capital project concepts and recommended to the Mansfield City Council projects it believes should move forward.  

How was the 2022 Bond Election Steering Committee formed? 

The Mansfield City Council selected 18 committee members and city leadership selected 10 additional members after reviewing more than 40 applications. 

When and where were the committee's meetings?

The 2022 Bond Election Steering Committee met multiple times per month from early September to early December. The meetings took place in City Hall (1200 E. Broad St.) and in the Living Church building located at 2271 Matlock Rd. The committee's meetings were open to the public. 

General Questions & Answers

When does the City of Mansfield's bond election take place?

The City of Mansfield's bond election takes place Saturday, May 7, 2022. 

Who is able to vote in the City of Mansfield's bond election? 

Anyone who is registered to vote within the corporate limits of the City of Mansfield would be able to vote in a city bond election. 

When did the City of Mansfield last hold a bond election?

In February 2004, the City of Mansfield held an election in which Mansfield residents voted on a $32,535,000 bond program, which called for funding for certain street improvements, a family aquatic center, computer-aided dispatch software and related equipment for the public safety departments, and an expansion of the Mansfield Public Library. All four propositions on the ballot passed. A tax increase was not necessary to finance the bonds. 

How do bond election propositions pass?

Bond election propositions pass if more than 50% (a simple majority) of the voters who cast a ballot approve. Bond election ballots can include multiple propositions. 

How can Mansfield residents share their opinions about the capital projects being considered? 

Residents are encouraged to provide feedback by emailing or by speaking during the Citizen Comments portion of regular City Council meetings. Those who wish to comment during a City Council meeting must fill out a blue card and provide it to the Assistant City Secretary prior to the meeting. Due to regulations of the Texas Open Meetings Act, Council members may not respond to your comments.  

The City of Mansfield also hosted public, town hall-style meetings on Nov. 16 and Oct. 28, in which Mansfield residents shared their opinions about the projects. City staff shared the public's feedback with the 2022 Bond Election Steering Committee and the City Council. 

Terms to Know

What is a bond? 

A bond is essentially a loan. When a unit of government such as the City of Mansfield issues a bond, it receives a loan that is secured by the unit of government’s assets. The unit of government then owes principal and interest on that loan to the lender. Bonds are oftentimes issued for a fixed term of many years, and are typically categorized as long-term debt. 

What is a bond election? 

A bond election is when a unit of government such as the City of Mansfield asks residents to consider additional proposed spending. 

What is a capital improvement program? 

A 5- to 10-year strategic plan to allocate resources toward a variety of citywide infrastructure and facility needs.