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library outreach van

Mobile Tech Truck

The truck comes equipped with everything MPL staff needs to take library services to community events, host diverse programs offsite, and create new services for the citizens of Mansfield. The library will be able to create on-the-go library cards, promote early literacy, and deliver classes and programs - all while visiting the far corners of Mansfield. All kinds of fun gadgets and tools will be inside the truck and we can’t wait to share them with you!

  1. DREAM Delivery
  2. Events and Programs

Delivering Resources for Education Around Mansfield DREAM Delivery Logo

Homebound services will be provided to Mansfield Public Library patrons living within Mansfield city limits who may be classified as "homebound" due to temporary or permanent mobility impairments.

Interested eligible patrons must complete and submit an application for consideration by MPL staff. By participating in DREAM Delivery, Mansfield Public Library cardholders agree to abide by all library and DREAM policies. The application is available electronically here or physically at the library.

Further details may be found in the documents below:

MPL Dream Delivery Online Application

MPL Dream Delivery Application

MPL Dream Delivery Policy