Seed Library

About the Seed Library:

Mansfield Public Library offers a wide variety of open-pollinated and heirloom seeds in its seed library. Our collection includes non-genetically modified (non-GMO) fruit, vegetable, herb, and flower seeds available to the community free of charge. Our inventory changes throughout the year based on donations, availability, and popularity, so check back often! 

bluebonnet drawer of seed library
black pansy for seed library

How does it Work?

The seed library is located near the front of the library in a repurposed card catalog. Simply choose which seeds you would like to "check-out" from the collection and record them on the check-out binder (the check-out binder allows us to know which items to fill next). Please limit to two packets per day per patron to allow all visitors a chance to use the seed library.  A library card is not required to borrow from the seed library.

Can I Bring in Donations? 

Absolutely! Donations are welcome. In order to become sustainable, donations from your garden are encouraged. Please complete the donation form located by the seed library or print the form here  in order for the library  to know the most about the seed.  Always choose the healthiest and disease free crops for donations. Donated seeds will be added to the collection at the library staff’s discretion. 

seed library poster

About the Plant Sharing Station

Mansfield Public Library’s plant sharing station is located next to the seed library and offers a way for patrons to donate and take plant cuttings year-round. The station has a plant wall display, donation/sign out binder, plant care information, and materials to transport the cuttings home. 

How Does It Work?

When donating a cutting to the plant sharing station, simply fill out the donation form found in the binder and take the cutting and donation form to the front desk. Please ensure donated cuttings are healthy and disease-free. The cutting will be put in a tube with a donation label and placed on the plant wall. Donated cuttings will be added to the collection at the library staff’s discretion.

When taking a cutting, remove the chosen plant from its tube on the plant wall. Using the supplied materials, wet a paper towel and wrap around the cutting’s roots; place in baggie. Complete the sign-out form in the provided binder so the library has a record of what was taken. Please limit to 1 cutting per person per day.

plant sharing station image