Holds Locker Self-Service

Check out our newest, contact-less pick-up method: The Mansfield Holds Locker.  The Holds Locker is located right outside the Mansfield Public library doors and gives you 24/7 access to items you have requested.

How it works:

  1. From the library catalog, request a book or small item (see limitations below) and select "Mansfield Public Library Holds Locker" as the pick up location.
  2. Wait to receive a notification that your items are ready to be picked up. Once you receive that notification, you have four days to pick up your items.
  3. Visit the Mansfield Public Library Holds Locker with your library card number. Scan your library card or type in your number by following the onscreen instructions.
  4. The Holds Locker will automatically check out your items and a locker compartment will pop open revealing your items. Securely close the compartment door and you are ready to take your favorite items home!
Newsflash-holds locker
holds locker library card
picking up items in holds locker

Helpful FAQ's

Who can use this service?

All patrons are able to use the Holds Locker. In order to ensure you are choosing to pick up at the right location, please select "Mansfield Public Library-holds locker" as the selected location of pick-up.

How long are items held for in the Holds Locker?

To ensure all patrons have equal access to the lockers, all requests are held for four days. The hold will expire at that time and the held item will either return to the shelf or be held for the next patron in queue.

I am unable to check out my held items at the Hold Locker. What do I do?

It is possible there maybe a variety of reasons you cannot checkout your items including: an expired account, overdue fees, too many items on the account, etc. Please give the library a call at 817-728-3690 during normal business hours and one of our staff members will be able to assist you right away!

I have multiple holds, will they all fit in the locker?

Each library card is limited to two Holds Locker reservation for pick-up. If staff is not able to fit all items in one locker, another locker will be assigned to you.

Can I check-out the larger backpacks and STEM kits in locker?

Unfortunately, due to the size limitations, these items are not eligible for locker pick up. 1000 Books before Kindergarten and kits can be picked up inside the library.