Cleanout Cap Replacement Program

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What is a Cleanout Cap?

A cleanout is a vertical pipe that connects to the underground sanitary sewer system. It has a removable cap in case you or your plumber need to access the sewer line. Sanitary sewer cleanout pipes are typically located somewhere near the front of the house (sometimes hidden in a flower bed), and are made of PVC pipe.

Why Do I Need a Cleanout Cap?

  • To prevent rainwater from entering the sanitary sewer system.
  • To keep leaves, grass and other debris out of the line.
  • To keep rodents and insects from entering the line and your house.

Cleanout Cap Replacement

Mansfield Water Utilities will replace a missing or damaged cleanout cap at no charge. Fill out the form with your contact information, and we will schedule a time to inspect and replace your cap. You don't need to be home while it's replaced, and we'll leave a note once it's been completed.

What Does a Cleanout Cap Look Like?

Cleanout caps can be various sizes, colors and materials. Your cap might be located in places like a flowerbed near the house, out in the yard, or in or near a sidewalk or driveway.

cleanout_in yard near flowerbed
cleanout_in sidewalk-2
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cleanout_in sidewalk
cleanout_near house flowerbed
cleanout_in yard