Dog Park FAQ

dog park

When is the park open?

Mans Best Field is open daily year-round; closed every Tuesday for maintenance. The hours are 5am-9pm in March through October and 5am-6pm in November through February. 

What if it rains?

The park may be closed for inclement weather, muddy conditions or other maintenance needs. Call the park status line, updated daily, for the most current update. (817) PAT DOGS or (817) 728-3647

Who can visit the park?

Mans Best Field is open to anyone age 16 and over. Children 12-16 may be inside the off-leash area with an adult. Children under the age of 12 may not be inside the off-leash paddocks for any reason. You do NOT need to be a Mansfield resident to visit the park, however all dogs MUST be registered with the City of Mansfield. 

Dogs must be over four months old, not in heat, current on vaccinations and healthy. Dogs may not be dangerous animals (as deemed by Animal Control.) Non-canine animals are not allowed.

How do I know if my dog has a current city license?

The City of Mansfield’s registration tags are color coded. The 2021 rabies tags are blue. City of Mansfield tags expire in October 2021 and are also blue. If your dog’s tags are a different color, their license is not current. For questions about the tags, please contact Animal Care and Control at (817) 276-4799.

How do I register my dog with the City of Mansfield?

Registration is simple and easy. Complete this online form and upload copy of the current rabies certificate and a photo of your dog. Tags will be mailed to you or you may select the option to pick them up from Animal Care & Control. You can also visit Animal Care & Control during normal business hours and complete the paperwork in person. Click here for more information on licence restrictions and procedure.

What if I don’t live in Mansfield?

You do not have to live in Mansfield to visit the park, but do still need to register your dog with our city. You do not need to be a Mansfield resident to register your dog; the paperwork and fees are the same for everyone.

What if I don’t want to license my dog with the City of Mansfield?

All dogs that live in Mansfield are required to have a current license per existing city ordinances. You cannot visit Mans Best Field Dog Park without a current license. 

How many dogs can I bring?

Each adult may bring up to three dogs with them per visit. Children under 16 cannot bring any dogs.

What options do the dogs have for play within the park?

Mans Best Field has tons of hills, trees, rocks and natural play space that dogs will love! The park has four fenced in paddocks for off-leash play. Paddocks will be designated for large or small dogs; Large dogs are defined as 40lbs or over and may NOT enter the small dog area. Small dogs may enter the large dog space at their own risk but it is not recommended. 

Paddocks will rotate small/large and occasionally one or more be closed to help the grass grow and other maintenance needs. Please pay close attention to signs with each visit as your regular space may have changed!

Can we bring toys and treats?

Every good boy deserves a treat, but please save them for the ride home. No toys, treats or food of any kind (human or dog) is allowed within the off-leash areas to prevent fights or aggression.

It’s an off-leash park, why do I need a leash?

All dogs MUST remain on a physical, hand-held (not electronic) leash from the parking lot to the paddock, no exceptions. Once inside the paddock, remove the leash and let them run free! This is very important for the safety of the dogs and other guests and will be strictly enforced.

I love the dog park! Can I have a party here?

At this time, Mans Best Field is not available for rentals of any kind. Additionally, the off-leash paddocks may NOT be used for any form of dog training, business operations, fundraisers or any other organized activity unless permitted by the Director of Community Services.

What if my dog gets bitten by another dog?

Dog on dog bites are a civil matter and police will not respond. We recommend you exchange contact information with the other owner and get both dogs checked out by a veterinarian.

What if a dog bites a human?

Dog on human bites MUST be reported to Mansfield Animal Care & Control and/or Mansfield Police Department. If emergency medical  attention is required, call 911. Otherwise contact non-emergency PD at (817) 473-0211. Police and Animal Control will investigated and take appropriate action as warranted. Offending dog should be separated and controlled (i.e. placed on leash and/or in a running vehicle away from other animals and people.) Neither owner should leave the park until cleared by officers.

What if my dog is bad?

All dogs are good dogs! But sometimes they make bad choices. Humans are responsible for the behavior of any dog they bring to the park. This includes picking up poop, stopping digging or other damage and removing them at any sign of aggression. Please encourage good behavior so we can all enjoy the park together!

Is the park treated for fleas and ticks?

Mans Best Field will have the same landscaping treatments as all of our other parks.  Like all parks, we will monitor for any outbreaks and if there is any sort of uptick or infestation we will treat it accordingly. We want to keep pups safe from bugs but also from exposure to too many chemicals. The more aggressively we treat, the greater the risk of causing a reaction in a dog who might be sensitive to a particular formula. All dogs at the park will be required to be current on vaccinations and registration, so we will hope that most pet owners already have a flea/tick regime in place and we shouldn’t have anyone spreading pests to friends at the park.