Special Event Weather Policy

We expect our events to occur rain or shine and make every effort to ensure that happens. However, the safety of our participants is of great importance. In the event of adverse conditions (tornado warning, tornado watch, thunderstorm, heavy rain, or any other extreme weather conditions), the event coordinator, in communication with the local law enforcement and the city, may delay the event, cancel the event, or make changes to the race course. Events that are cancelled due to weather conditions will not be rescheduled. The final decision to cancel or delay is solely up to the event coordinator and not for review.

Refunds will not be issued if the event is cancelled for adverse weather conditions. Refunds are not issued if the delayed time does not work with your schedule, or if you decide not to attend because of weather but the event still occurs.  

For questions regarding an event status MORE THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE THE EVENT, you can email the department at parks@mansfieldtexas.gov or contact the MAC (817) 728-3680.

For questions with LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE THE EVENT, please post a comment or send a message to our Parks & Rec Facebook page for fastest response. Emails can still be sent to parks@mansfieldtexas.gov but may not be returned as quickly as staff will be out in the field preparing for the event.

All updates, changes and cancellations to an event will be posted on the Parks & Rec Facebook page. Please check this page if you have any questions or concerns regarding weather or any other delays or cancellations.