The Southern Pacific Railroad founded Bisbee in 1883. In 1903, J.H. Middleton and family moved from Hunt City and located in the area. The family saw a need for a Sunday School. The Middletons, along with Gertie Pool and Effie Griffith, members of Rehoboth Church, soon had Sunday afternoon service meeting in Morgan School.

Bisbee Missionary Baptist Church

On Sunday, May 21, 1905, in an arbor in Bryson's pasture, a church was organized and named Bisbee Missionary Baptist Church with Rehoboth Church as sponsor. Middleton, an ordained deacon, was elected the first deacon of the new church. Rev. D.B. Brown was elected to complete the associational year and preach or secure a preacher for the first Sunday.

Bisbee was a growing area at the time the church was organized. Cotton was plentiful and profitable. A large gin operated in the community and the old Houston and Texas Central Railroad had a station by the gin. Truck farming was a good industry due to the good soil productivity and the nearby Fort Worth market.

World War I

At the outset of World War I, cotton rotted in the fields, the gin closed and a brick factory started in the area only to close their doors soon after. After the war, the men did not return, but sought new jobs in town. After the war, a depression hit from 1920-1926, and the church doors nearly closed several times.

Post World War II

In 1955, 81 people belonged to Bisbee Baptist Church. Business in the area was good and people were moving to the area. A highway improvement program was advancing and oil companies were scouting the area.