Hudson Cemetery

Cemetery is located southern part of Tarrant County, west of Mansfield Highway (business 287); west on Hudson Cemetery Road, south on Eden Road and west on Hudson Cemetery Road.


John Dixon Hudson and his family were visiting relatives in Montague County when one of his twin daughters had a relapse of measles and died. She was buried in a small cemetery near the relative’s home. The second day after the four-day trip back home, the second twin died and became the first to be buried in the Hudson Cemetery. John Hudson selected this site for the cemetery as it was the highest point on his land. About three years later, the first twin’s remains were returned and buried next to her sister.

The first burial was 1878 and in the year 1995 there were about 400 marked graves and signs of other graves without markers. John Hudson and his wife deeded this two acre site to J.H. Caffee, L.G. Williams, J.N. McCarty, M.G.D. Goza and R.P. Tankersley, and the community in general. These men and their successors were to be the trustees of the cemetery. Some of the people buried in the cemetery were early pioneers of the New Hope Community. The cemetery is mowed and cared for by the Hudson Cemetery Association.

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