Fire Prevention Division

Prevention & Preparedness

Fire Prevention is dedicated to the prevention of fires and preparedness for emergencies through education, inspections, investigations and emergency readiness in consideration of fire or life safety, as well as, the economic impact of emergencies.

This division provides numerous services to the citizens and business community of Mansfield that include:

  • Construction and new development
  • Fire code inspections
  • Fire investigations
  • Permits
  • Public safety education


  • Fire protection and alarm systems require inspection and tests
  • Final or Certificate of Occupancy inspections are required prior to moving in

You may request your inspection online.


A permit is required for:

  • Above ground storage tanks
  • Access control device installation
  • Chemical extinguishing system
  • Day care/child care
  • Elevator installation
  • Fire alarm installation
  • Fire sprinkler system installation
  • Fireworks/blasting/pyrotechnics
  • Gate installation
  • Private fire lines
  • Smoke control system installation
  • Spray booth installation
  • Standpipe system
  • Underground storage tank installation/removal


•    No installation or modification of a fire protection system shall begin until a permit has been issued by the Fire Marshal or prior approval from the Fire Marshal.  See 2018 International Fire Code, Section 901.2. 

 •    Issued Permits shall be kept on the designated premises at all times and shall be available upon request of a Fire Official. See 2018 International Fire Code, Section 105.1.1 and 105.3.5. 

 •    Projects that require a third-party review by a Fire Protection Engineer licensed in the state of Texas, are:  

  1.  New installation of a fire protection system 
  2.  Modification of more than five devices in a fire protection system 
  3.  Any system so designated by the Fire Marshal 

Submit the third-party review with the permit application. You may contact Scott Lingo with questions about your project,  Email Scott Lingo or call 817-276-4770. 

Current Adopted Fire Code

Scott Lingo

Scott Lingo

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