Traffic Unit


The mission of the Mansfield Officers on MotorcyclesPolice Department Traffic division is to provide a safer city for all citizens through traffic enforcement, education and recommendations to engineering. We are committed to accomplishing this by providing positive contacts in the field of traffic-related issues and enforcing the traffic laws of the State of Texas.

Why Use Motorcycles?

The use of highly maneuverable motorcycles gives officers the ability to complete tasks not possible for officers in a regular patrol unit. The motorcycles have been used for such things as funeral escorts, escorting buildings being moved through the city, dense crowd enforcement, parking lot details and other assignments.

Job Requirements

Becoming a motor officer is not easy. After an initial application and interview process, the officers must undergo a very intensive two-week qualification school in which the rider and motorcycle are pushed to the absolute limits of their abilities. It is a significant mental and physical challenge to complete.