Library Fees & Charges

Fees or charges may be levied for overdue, damaged or lost materials. Materials will be examined as they are returned then fees and charges may be assessed. Lost materials should be reported to a library staff member. Fees and charges may be adjusted by the Director of Library Services on an individual basis and as necessary.

Replacement of lost or destroyed library materials

If you have lost or destroyed library materials, you must reimburse the library for the full cost of replacing the item. Replacement items are not accepted for lost or damaged materials.

Need to pay fees?

Log in with you library barcode number and  pay library fines and fees.

Fees & Charges

Item Cost
Overdue books and audiobooks $0.25 daily
Overdue DVD $0.25 daily
Overdue Interlibrary Loan $0.50 daily
Replacement DVD case $3.00
Replacement audiobook case $6.00
Replacement library card $2.00
Interlibrary Loans not picked up $2.00
Faxing $1.00 per page
Color print  $0.25 per page
Black and white print $0.10 per page
Overdue Hotspot $1 daily