Your Toilet is Not a Trash Can

The following items are not intended to be flushed down the toilet:


Wipes and cleaning cloths are designed to be stronger than facial or toilet tissue, so they don’t break down in water. Even products labeled “flushable” can clog your sewer line because their plastic fibers don’t break down quickly. This includes baby wipes, bathroom wipes, facial or cosmetic wipes, personal hygiene wipes, disinfecting wipes, floor cleaning or dusting wipes, and toilet bowl scrub pads. Always throw wipes in the trash.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are designed to be absorbent and strong, and don’t dissolve quickly, and can cause clogged pipes. Throw used paper towels in the trash, or better yet, switch to cloth that can be washed and reused.

Feminine Hygiene

Products such as sanitary napkins and tampons are made of fibers like cotton and rayon that are non-degradable. They are designed to absorb liquids instead of breaking down like toilet paper. Flushing these products can easily result in a clogged sewer line.

Personal Care

While it’s possible to flush things like dental floss, hair, cotton swabs, cotton balls and condoms down the toilet, it’s a bad idea. These items do not break down in water, and they can tangle with other items and block your sewer line. Personal care items belong in the trash can.

For more information about what not to flush, visit Defend Your Drains North Texas and watch NCTCOG Wipes Block Everything and Las Toallitas Lo Obstruyen Todo

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